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About This Multi-Volume Set

Edition 5 of this Aerospace industry implementation guide contains four transaction sets: the Invoice (810), the Request for Quotation (840), the Purchase Order (850), Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855), and the Functional Acknowledgment (997). As each edition is published, one or more transaction sets are added. As each edition is published, buyers receive an email indicating that new content is available in the download package. Buyers download a new installation, install it, and the new content is available. These are the expected transaction sets upon completion:

  • 810 - Invoice
  • 820 - Payment Order/Remittance Advice
  • 824 - Application Advice
  • 830 - Planning Schedule with Release Capability
  • 831 - Control Total
  • 832 - Price Sales Catalog
  • 840 - Request For Quotation
  • 843 - Response To Request For Quote
  • 850 - Purchase Order
  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment
  • 856 - Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 857 - Shipment/Billing Notice
  • 860 - Purchase Order Change
  • 865 - Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement/Request – Seller Initiated
  • 997 - Functional Acknowledgment
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004010 | AIA Implementation Instructions for X12 Transaction Sets

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Aerospace Industry Implementation Instructions for X12 Transaction Sets

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